American Revolutionary War Period English Flintlock Officer's / Militia Pistol by BATE, LONDON

$ 4,750.00

An Antique American Revolutionary War Period English Flintlock Officer's / Militia Pistol, circa. 1750- 1770's.  7.5", .60 caliber octagon-to-round iron smooth-bore, pin-fastened, barrel engraved with (3) "STARS" at the transition, and "LONDON" on the top flat.  The left side of the barrel breech is struck with (2) Tower "Crossed Scepter" proof marks.  Early convex banana shaped lock was made without a bridle to the frizzen, has simple line border engraving and maker signed "BATE".  The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration.  All brass furniture includes an engraved trigger guard, wrist escutcheon depicting a Dog or Wolf ? within a ring of fire coat of arms and the number "2".  Flat side plate and long-eared butt-cap.  The stock has a few age stress cracks, a mended section of wood just in front of the frizzen as well as just above the rear of the lock plate.  The stock has a raised carved "Beaver-tail" section surrounding the barrel tang and overall is solid with very light scratches and dings from years of handling.  Latter crude replacement wood ram rod.  In good mechanical working order.  13.5" overall length.  

Note: All iron surfaces have been cleaned over the years and exhibit areas of light salt & pepper rust pitting. 

ABOUT THE MAKER: Edward BATE, apprentice to Sam Brown, gunsmith, Birmingham. 1743.  Gunmaker, Brownslow St., Long Acre, London, 1763-1778.  Contractor to Ordnance, 1779-83.  In partnership with William Jover, c. 1805-1810.  Ref. p. 49, GUNMAKERS OF LONDON 1350-1850., by, Howard L. Blackmore, c. 1986. 

This form of pistol was produced by several makers based on a templet most likely provided by the Tower of London to be made up and supplied to private regiments and Militia units.  Some have the same monograms or coat of arms and numbered. 


PRIVATE COLLECTION, Consignment; Ben S. 2022 #9.