A Good Large French Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol

$ 5,750.00

# 023

An Antique French & Indian War - American Revolutionary War Period French Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol, circa. 1740. 10 1/8" .54 caliber side-by-side smooth-bore steel barrels.  The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration.  Shaped and molded steel furniture includes a long-eared butt cap with silver grotesque face mask center cap.  Both flat faced locks are unsigned. Stock is solid with decorative high-relief carving around the barrel tang, lock mortise, trigger guard, and ram rod pipes with normal scratches and dings from years of handling.  Wood ram rod.  In good mechanical working order.  17.5" overall length.  A big French double barrel flintlock pistol seldom encountered...

RESTORATION NOTES:  It is our opinion that the following restoration has been performed.  The righthand cock is a period replacement because it does not match the left-hand cock (absence of boarder line engraving).  The left frizzen spring is a period replacement (because it has a roller and does not match the right).  The stock has a few areas of minor wood restoration.  Replaced sliver of wood just below the rear of the right lock.  A sliver of wood on the upper edge just in front of the right lock.  A sliver on the upper right edge of the fore-end.  Two slivers of wood on the upper left edge of the fore-end.  All are very hard to see.