A Good Danish Military Model 1772 Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Holster Pistol

$ 2,750.00

American Revolutionary War Period (1776-1783).

A Good Danish Military Model 1772 Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Holster Pistol, circa. 1770's. 13" .70 cal. steel barrel with long brass blade front sight; remnants of the Danish Military PROOF mark of "King Christian VII of Denmark over the date of 1766" on the top of breech; engraved "No. 36, H" and has a later Belgian proof mark.  Convex banana shaped lock with an unidentified makers or inspectors mark stamped on the outside in-between the leaves of the frizzen spring.   The pistol is in it's original flintlock configuration.  Original steel ram rod.  Correct brass regulation furniture that has a very pleasing mustard colored age patina.  Stock is solid with minor scratches and dings from years of service.  The long eared butt cap, barrel, stock and side plate are stamped with the number "38".  20.5" overall length.  A massive pistol in good mechanical working order.

Note; There is some unidentified writing on the stock in the lower ram rod area.  King Christian VII of Denmark reigned 1766-1808.  In the 1820's-30's these pistols were deemed outdated and many were sent to Belgium to be re-tested and sold as surplus.  It is unknown how many of these pistols saw service during the Revolutionary War but many parts have been found at archaeological digs throughout New England.