A Good Algerian Miquelet Flint Lock Long Gun

$ 1,350.00

A Good Antique Algerian Miquelet-Lock Flint Lock Long Gun, circa. late 18th century - early 19th century.  48.5", .67 caliber octagon steel barrel with visible Belgian Liege "PROOF" mark on the left flat of breech and is held to the fore-end of the stock by (1) brass and (1) silver barrel band.  The barrel tang is secured from the underside of the stock.  The lock is of high quality and has engraved sections of applied brass.  The wood stock has decorative carved bone inlays and has light scratches and dings from years of handling (see photos).   Wood ram rod is a replacement.  A very good example in good mechanical working order.

Measures: 62.5" overall length.

NOTE: It is uncertain when the barrel was proofed.  Was the barrel proofed when made and then sold or traded to Algeria to be assembled ?  Or, did the gun make its way to Belgium after is was made and then tested and proofed later in its working life ?