A Fantastic Revolutionary War Period Cased Pair of French Silver Mounted "Birds Head" Flintlock Pistols by PEYRET - DUMAREST

$ 18,500.00

A Fantastic Revolutionary War Period Cased Pair of French Silver Mounted "Birds Head" Flintlock Pistols by PEYRET - DUMAREST, Paris, c. 1770-1780.  This form of high quality pistol was most likely owned by wealthy gentleman or military officer.

The pistols have 7.5", .62 cal. octagon - round steel smooth bore barrels with approximately 50%+ original blue finish and decorative gold overlay depicting "CN TORDV" (twisted steel barrel) on the top flat.  All steel parts exhibit areas of light rust pitting.  Very fine quality French repoussé sterling silver furniture includes ram rod pipes, trigger guards, open worked side plates, and unidentified hallmarked "Birds Head" butt caps.  Both stocks have high-relief decorative carving around the barrel tangs, trigger guards, ram rod pipes and are solid with minimal light scratches and dings from years of handling.  Horn tipped wood ram rods.  Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration and are in good mechanical working order.  A beautiful and rare pair of flintlock pistols in fine condition.

Each pistol measure: 13.5" overall length.


NOTE:  The French pistols were married to an English box.  There was a French document rolled up inside one of the pistol barrels dated 1741 on the upper left corner stamp and 1763 written several times.  We are researching to understand the relevance.  Unfortunately, a good portion of the bottom of the document is missing.  The document will accompany the pistols in the sale.

Accessories include: a wonderful early red leather covered 3-way powder flask, silver mounted green shagreen priming flask, bullet mold, tow, lead balls, extra flints, turn screw, ram rod/cleaning rod, and patches. 

The silver mounted shagreen priming powder flask is very interesting and we have seen only one other similar example in the past 35 years.

BOX:  High Quality Period English box made with brass Georgian style lifting handle and swing hooks on the front.  Intact lock but the key is missing.  The box Measures: 20" X 9" X 3" with correct original early English green baize lining.  

ABOUT THE MAKER:  French silver Mounted flintlock Pistols made by Pierre Peyret and Dumarest of Paris.  PIERRE PEYRET and DUMAREST worked in St. Etienne outside Paris in the 18th century until around 1780.  There were several makers with the last name DUMAREST working at the same time these pistols were made.

DUMAREST, Could be the following:  Jean Baptist Dumarest or his son Claude Vital Dumarest.  Francois Joseph Dumarest.  Rubert Dumarest. Pierre Francois Dumarest.