A Very Interesting Antique European Military Flintlock Musket with Bayonet

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A Very Interesting Antique European Military Flintlock Musket with Bayonet, circa. 1750-1770's.  45.25", .74 caliber octagon-to-round smooth-bore barrel engraved on the left side of the muzzle "39".  the round face banana shaped lock is stamped underneath the frizzen spring area with a makers mark of "G S V V " over a "Chicken or Rooster" ? within a "HEART".   The musket is in its original flintlock configuration.  All steel furniture.  The stock is stamped with a large "A" over "44" (A Company, 44th Regiment ?) on the right side of the butt and an unidentified shield type mark on the left side just behind the rear lock screw, is solid with light scratches and dings from years of service and handling.  A very interesting musket in good mechanical working order.

Note; the barrel has an interesting vent hole insert and marked with the letter "D".  The musket is most likely Dutch, German, Austrian or Swiss.  This musket may have been an emergency issue to the British 44th Regiment who served in the American Revolutionary War.  It is also possible that the lock, barrel, and parts are from an earlier musket and later restocked in the 18th century (form is very similar to the French military model 1777).  Researching...