A Fantastic and Beautiful Cased Pair of English Flintlock Dueling Pistols by GULLEY, LONDON

$ 16,500.00

A Fantastic and Beautiful Antique Cased Pair of English Flintlock Dueling Pistols by GULLEY, LONDON, circa. 1799-1804.  9 1/8", .67 cal. octagon steel barrels secured to the stocks by (2) keys/wedges with engraved patent breeches and the top flat engraved "LONDON", (2) small oval PROOF marks stamped on the left side of breech of a small "CROWN" over "GP" (gunmakers proof) and a small "CROWN" over "V" (viewed) and both barrels retain 95% of the original plum brown finish.  Very fine decoratively engraved barrel tangs.  Both pistols are all original and are in their original flintlock configuration.  The flat beveled steel locks with stepped tails and boarder line engraving.  Both locks have high quality frizzen springs with rollers, and engraved "GULLEY" (each frizzen spring exhibits remnants fire blue colors).  High quality engraved steel furniture includes trigger guards with pineapple finials (all steel furniture retains approx. 75% original blue finish).  Original horn tipped wood ram rods with iron worms.  Both walnut stocks are solid with vacant silver oval wrist escutcheons, sharp edges, plain bag-shaped grips and both have minimal light scratches and dings from years of handling.  Both barrels exhibit light salt & pepper rust pitting around the touch holes.  Both pistols are in their original flintlock configuration and are in good mechanical working order.  A beautiful pair of dueling pistols in excellent++ condition !

Each pistol measures: 15" overall.

NOTE - Guns by this maker are very rare...

ACCESSORIES INCLUDE - a wonderful early red leather covered 3-way powder flask, bullet mold, tow, lead balls, round bone flint container, extra flints, turn screw, ram rod/cleaning rod, and patches.  An original period quill pen was found under the cleaning rod !!!

ORIGINAL BOX -  High Quality Period English Oak box made with early flush fitting lifting handle on the top of the lid and Measures: 18" X 8.5" X 3" with correct early English green baize lining.  It is our opinion that these pistols are 100% original to the box.  Key for front lock is missing.  One of the front swing hooks is broken.

ORIGINAL TRADE LABEL: "Gully, GUN MAKER, No. 252, Oxford Street, near Park Street., Will Undertake to make Guns of two Feet eight or ten Inches in the Barrel to Shoot equal to Guns of any Length without Exception."  

The Gun Maker: Joseph GULLEY - Gun Maker, 252 Oxford St., 1799-1804.