Cased Set of English Flintlock Officer's/Dueling Pistols, P. BOND, JOSEPH EGG, LONDON, #2804 Firearms

$ 8,500.00

A Fine Cased Set of English Flintlock Officer's/Dueling Pistols w/accessories by; "P. BOND, 45 CORNHILL - LONDON" circa. 1794-1816. 9" .65 cal. (CARBINE BORE) original fading brown finished steel round barrels w/ maker's name and address engraved on the top near breech; "P. BOND, 45 CORNHILL - LONDON"; each barrel struck on the left side of breech w/a 'CROWN' over 'GP' with-in an oval (Gun Maker's PROOF), a 'CROWN' over 'V' (viewed) and a 'CROWN' over 'PB' (Philip Bond). Very fine engraved locks w/sliding safety's and marked (engraved); "P. BOND" . Stocks are solid w/one pistol suffering a break at the wrist and mended during the period of use. Originally these pistols were entirely silver mounted and for what ever reason removed (maybe to pay a debt ?) and replaced with iron ram rod pipes w/approx. 40% blue remaining; period replacement German silver trigger guard and butt caps depicting a Lion's face. Original silver shield shaped wrist escutcheons. 14.75" overall length. The locks are exceptional and are 99% mint condition on the interior w/original vibrant fire blue on parts. A very fine pair of English flintlock officer's/dueling pistols in good mechanical working order.

Accessories include; 3-way flask, bullet mold, cleaning rod w/built in turn screw, flints, balls, patches and tow.

Original period English box w/repaired/restored interior w/period correct English green baise. Original trade label by; "BY HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT, WATER PROOF GUN LOCK, MORE CERTAIN & QUICKER FIRE, JOSH EGG. GUN MAKER, Corner of Piccadilly Street. HAYMARKET". Ivory lid pull knobs. Original key to lock.

Box Measures: 17.5" X 8.5" dove-tail corners.

A wonderful cased set of English flintlock Officer's/dueling pistols.