Cased Set of English Flintlock Officer's/Dueling Pistols by, FOREST, OXFORD used in AMC Network's Show TURN, #2988 Firearms

$ 40,000.00

* FORREST, GUNMAKER Sword Cutler, OXFORD, circa. 1790-1800.
A Fine Cased Set of English Flintlock Dueling Pistols w/accessories by; "FORREST, OXFORD" circa. 1790. 8.5" .65 cal. (CARBINE BORE) steel octagon barrels; each barrel has (1) platinum band at the breech and platinum touch holes; engraved on the top flat; "FORREST, OXFORD" . Very fine locks w/sliding safety's and marked (engraved); "FORREST" . Stocks have sharp checkered wrists and are solid w/horn fore-end caps. Original engraved blued steel furniture w/approx. 5% remaining w/pineapple finials. 14.25" overall length. A fine pair of English flintlock dueling pistols in good mechanical working order.

Accessories include; 3-way flask, bullet mold, cleaning rod, turn screw, flints, balls, patches and tow.

Original period English box w/original green baize interior. The center brass carrying handle in the top of the lid was removed long ago and replaced with wood during the period of use.

Box Measures: 18.75" X 8.25" dove-tail corners.

PROVENANCE: This item was recently used in an episode of AMC Network's show TURN. The scene utilizes these pistols in a proper traditional duel to settle a dispute between two of the cast primary star actors.