Cased (PAIR) of Dutch Flintlock Pistols, #2797 Firearms

$ 7,250.00

An Antique Cased (PAIR) Dutch Flint Pistols, circa. 1750's, cased in the 19th century w/accessories. 8" .52 cal. iron barrels. Both pistols are unmarked. Engraved brass furniture. Unmarked lock w/simple engraving. Stacks have nice decorative raised carving. Both stocks were broken through the wrist during the period of use and repaired and remain solid with light scratches and dings from years of service. Pistols are in good mechanical working order. Pistols measure: 13.5" overall.

Please note; Box is of the 19th century period and has been relined/restored. Box measures; 17.5" X 9.5" These pistols are on exhibit 'for sale' at a gallery called "The Silk Road". Please check on the availability before purchasing.

Accessories include; SYKES powder flask, bullet mold, extra flint, loading/cleaning rod, patches, powder measure, balls and turn screw.