An Unusual Cased British Flintlock Brass Barrel Blunderbuss, R. KING w/ Flint Boxlock Pistol, WHEELER, LONDON.

$ 14,950.00

A Composite (all of the period but assembled) British Cased Flintlock Brass Barrel Blunderbuss & Brass Box-Lock Flint Pistol w/Accessories, (Blunderbuss-1740), (Case-1790-1800), (Pistol-1780) w/accessories.  This grouping was most likely assembled for traveling and possibly coach defense.   It is widely known that people traveled by land on horses or horse drawn carriages and coaches that were always the target of "highwaymen".  Most if not, all traveled with weapons to defend themselves from these robbers.

French & Indian War - American Revolutionary War Period Blunderbuss- Royal Navy Pattern by; "R KING, LONDON" (Richard King 1720-1745) circa, 1740-45. 15" round two-stage brass barrel marked; with (2) English Proofs and engraved; "No 1 or 7" at the breech. Regulation brass Sea Service furniture. The lock is maker marked; "R KING" with border engraving and a very unusual, engraved panoply of arms on the cock. The gun is in its original flintlock configuration. The stock is solid with the exception of a period break and repair of the fore-end (no replaced wood). The stock has normal age scratches and dings from years of service. Original ram rod with worm intact. In good mechanical working order.

The small all brass Box-Lock Flint Pistol by; "WHEELER, LONDON", circa. 1780. 1.5" .50 cal. round brass turn-off barrel. Drop trigger. Stock is solid with normal scratches and dings from years of use.  In good mechanical working order.

Accessories include (2) powder flasks, (2) bullet molds with (2) matching caliber groups of lead balls, wad punch, large ram rod with cleaning and ball puller jag, powder & shot measure, extra flints, and tow.

Period Box circa, 1795 by; "John Manton & Son", London with original Trade Label, Measures; 34" x 9.25" x 3".