c. 1870 Lyric Sheet DANCE THE TRA-LA-LA-LOO

$ 195.00

“Since Mary Ann learned how to dance the Tra-la-la-loo... She’s out all night till broad daylight...”. c. 1870, San Francisco Lyric Sheet: “Since Mary Ann LEARNED HOW TO DANCE THE Tra-la-la-loo”, Published by Bell & Company, San Francisco, CA, Choice Very Fine.. The lyric sheet, 11.25” x 4.5”, is “Published and sold, wholesale and retail, by BELL & COMPANY, General Publishers of Songs and Ballads, Booksellers, Stationers and Periodical Agents, No. 639 Kearny Street, - San Francisco.” The lyrics are printed in black down the center of the page with a decorative border surrounding. The chorus, though only printed once in its entirety, is repeated three times as follows: “Since Mary Ann learned how to dance,/ I don’t know what to do;/ She’s out all night till broad daylight,/ A dancing the Tra-la-la-loo.” Binding adhesive along back top edge, with show-through on the front; else fine. Another golden oldie from the early days of California!.