c. 1800 Printing Woodblock - Horse and Wagon

$ 895.00

Printing Woodblock Portraying Colonial Era Farming Scene. c. 1800, “Farmer Driving a Horse and Wagon” Woodblock Printing Plate, Choice Very Fine.. This Hand-Engraved, 1.75” x 2” x .5” Woodblock Printing Plate is of a dark, aged hue. It features a farmer walking alongside a horse pulling a wagon loaded with large bundles -- a design that is quite similar to one found on page 114 in “2000 Early Advertising Cuts,” edited by Hornung (1953; reprint 1995). Images such as this contributed greatly to the view of America as a sleepy, pastoral locale at the beginning of the 19th century. This type of illustration would accompany text written about farming or perhaps as a graphic to run alongside an anecdote or a poem in an almanac. Very well-preserved with no noticeable blemishes. A great view of early America..