British Military Tomb Stone Hat, 23rd Regiment, #2714 Militaria

$ 2,500.00

A Rare Antique British Military 'Tomb Stone' Grenadier Hat w/TOLE-PAINTED Hat plate; 'GR', 'XXIII' Regiment, circa. (Researching,18th Century). The hat is in stable but poor condition w/rips, tears and loses. Please see photos of other known period examples.

Tole-Painted Hat plate measures 9" tall.

Note; We have been researching this item and unfortunately have not encountered any known exact surviving examples.  It is very possible that this item is a later reunion creation.  Regardless, it exhibits considerable age.  The item is priced accordingly.  If proven authentic to the 18th Century the value could be $10,000.00 ++


In the center of their colours, the device of the Prince of Wales, viz.
Three feathers issuing out of the Prince's coronet. In the three corners of
the second colour, the badges of Edward the Black Prince, viz. rising sun,
red dragon, and the three feathers in the coronet. Motto, Ich dien.

The 23rd was first raised at Ludlow, in the Welsh Marches, in 1689
under Lord Herbert and was known as Herbert's Regiment of Foot.
Serving under King William III during the 'Glorious Revolution', the
regiment saw action, first, at the battle of the Boyne in July of 1690, and since
that date, has been in continuous service to the Crown in almost every campaign
involving the British Army. The Regiment fought with distinction in Marlborough's
battles from Blenheim in 1704 to Malplaquet in 1709. In 1714, the regiment came
to be known as The Prince of Wales' Own Royal Welch Fusileers. During the
time of King GeorgeÕs War, the Royal Welch Fusileers participated in the
battles of Dettingen in June 1743 and Fontenoy in May of 1745.
The Royal Welch Fusileers were ranked as the 23rd Foot in 1747 and
became the 23rd Regiment of Foot, or Royal Welsh Fuziliers in 1751.
In 1759, the 23rd Foot was one of the six British infantry
regiments that defeated the French cavalry at Minden.

The 23rd Regiment of Foot arrived in New York in June of 1773
and were moved to Boston under the command of General Gage in 1774.
In April of 1775, the regiment took part in the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
On June 16, 1775, the Grenadier and Light Infantry companies of the 23rd
participated in the Battle of Bunker Hill. In 1776, during the battles for New York,
the regiment saw action at Long Island, Brooklyn Heights, Harlem Heights, White
Plains, and the capture of Fort Washington. In 1777, the regiment took part in the
battles of Brandywine Creek, Germantown, and the capture of Philadelphia.
During the late summer and early fall of 1778, the Royal Welch Fusiliers served
as marines aboard the fleet during several engagements with the French fleet.
Towards the end of that year, they were sent south, arriving in Charleston.
South Carolina in early 1780, participating in the siege of the city, and later
that year taking part in the Battle of Camden on August 16th. Working their
way back north, the 23rd participated in the Battle of Guilford Court House
on March 15, 1781. The regiment was present during the Siege of Yorktown
and the British surrender which followed on October 19th, 1781. During the
siege; however, the Royal Welch Fusiliers held their redoubt against
overwhelming odds, and gained the respect of the American Army.
This redoubt exists today at the Yorktown Battlefield National Park;
named the Fusilier's Redoubt, in honor of the 23rd Regiment of Foot.

"The Royal Welch Fusiliers in America commemorate the service of the
23rd Regiment of Foot during the American Revolution. Fighting in nearly
every major campaign (except Burgoyne's) from Lexington and Concord in 1775,
through Yorktown in 1781, the 23rd Foot was one of the premier regiments
of the Crown Forces in North America. Membership is open to all persons,
and members are located in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Michigain,
Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and California.
The recreated regiment participates in events from Florida to New Hampshire,
as well as in California, Canada, England and Wales. The recreated 23rd
Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers in America is proud to
be the official American battalion of the Royal Welch Fusiliers."
Courtesy of Jack Pritchard of the re-created 23rd Regt of Foot.