British Military Royal Navy Flintlock Long Sea Service Pistol, KING GEORGE III, TOWER, #3284 Firearms

$ 2,000.00

An antique British Military Royal Navy Flintlock Long Sea Service Pistol, circa. 1777-1780. 12", .57 cal. (regulation) round steel barrel marked w/(2) Tower Proofs. All steel parts have salt & pepper pitting. Brass regulation furniture rather dull with dings and light scratches; butt cap shows evidence of the pistol being used as a hammer. Lock is marked; "TOWER" a "CROWN" over "GR" (King George III) and a "CROWN" over '2' (Government Ownership mark and the Inspector to the East India Company). Correct brass tipped wood ram rod. Stock is marked just above the rear of the lock w/ the Stores Keeper mark but is obscured by dark staining; multiple inspector's stamps in the stock but again very hard to see. Stock is solid with scratches and dings and chips from years of service. 19.5" overall length. A good Sea Service pistol that was definitely in service; in good mechanical working order. May have seen service in the American Revolutionary War, 1776-1783, Battle of Trafalgar and the War of 1812.

Note; belt hook missing. Barrel tang has an old plug repair performed during the period of use.

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