British Military Light Dragoon Flintlock Pistol, TOWER of London, #3143 Firearms

$ 2,950.00

A Good British Military Light Dragoon Flintlock Pistol w/Regimental Marks made for the British East India Company at the TOWER OF LONDON, c.1780's. 9", .67 cal. round steel barrel (re-bushed) w/(2) Private proofs. Brass East India Company pattern regulation furniture includes; the trigger guard w/Regimental marks, engraved 'E' over '6' (E COMPANY, 6th MAN). Stock missing a chip from the upper front edge of the left side of fore-end near muzzle; small chips missing from the rear edge of the lock mortise; is stamped above the rear tail of lock plate w/the 'EAST INDIA COMPANY HEART'; is solid w/scratches and dings from years of service. Original Flint Lock marked; "TOWER", a "CROWN" over "GR" (King George III) and the government ownership mark; a "CROWN" over '2' (recorded British East India Company Inspector). All steel/iron parts have salt & pepper pitting (some areas worse than others) w/a thick dark age patina. Brass tipped wood ram rod. 15.5" overall length. In good working mechanical order.