British Military King George I Brown Bess Infantry Flintlock Musket, #574 Firearms

$ 9,500.00

A very rare British Military King George I Infantry Musket, circa. 1714-1727. Type used during the French and Indian War and American Revolution. 46" round steel barrel w/remnants of (2) Tower proofs and an unidentified barrel makers mark. Brass regulation furniture and can be viewed as the precursor pattern to the standard 1st Model Brown Bess Long Land pattern 1730 and pattern 1742. The stock is marked w/the "BROAD ARROW" (Government ownership mark) on the right side of the comb and has had multiple period repairs over it's working life starting w/; a replaced section of wood just under the lock; a piece of wood was replaced, patched, inserted at the rear of the trigger guard extending to the butt plate; fore-end replaced from the lower ram rod pipe forward; and some chips/loses from around the barrel tang. A very rare and interesting British musket that has seen a lot of service. All steel parts are pitted and have a stable black age patina. In good working order.  Overall length 61.5"

Ref: See; BATTLE WEAPONS of the American Revolution. by, George C. Neumann. c. 1998, pp. 55-60.