Antique English Silver Mounted Flintlock Pistol by, BRANDER, LONDON

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An Exceptional Antique Revolutionary War Period English Silver Mounted, Brass Barrel Flintlock Pistol by, BRANDER, LONDON, dated 1779.  9" .67 cal. multi-stage brass octagon-to-round-to-round barrel is mounted with a silver rib; engraved on the top flat of breech section; 'BRANDER MINORIES LONDON' and stamped on the left side of the breech; an oval with a 'CROWN' over 'GP' (Gun maker's PROOF), the letters 'WB' (William Brander) and an oval with a 'CROWN' over 'V' (VIEWED).  The lock is entirely layered in a thick silver overlay and is maker engraved; 'Brander'; is built with a sliding safety).  The pistol is in the original flintlock configuration.  The fantastic quality high-relief silver furniture has identified 'HALL MARKS' and was made by; 'IK' (John King, London), date mark of a lowercase 'd' within a shield, a 'Rampant LION' (Standard Mark), and the 'LONDON Crown over the Lion's Face' (Hall Mark).  The butt cap has a fantastic 'grotesque face' with foliage; the side-plate is exceptional with foliage and openwork; the trigger guard has a decorative finial and engraved bow, and the wrist escutcheon is of the highest quality for the period.  The half-stock is solid with a wonderful high-relief 'shell' design surrounding the barrel tang; tear drop relief carving at the tail of the lock plate and side plate; light scratches and dings from years of handling; a small chip is missing from the upper right edge of the right side of the fore-end.  The pistol is in excellent mechanical working order and is of the highest quality of the period.  We have not encountered a more splendid example of such a classic Georgian Period pistol.  This is the type of weapon our founding fathers of the Revolutionary War would prize...