Antique British Military Pattern 1738 Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol, JORDAN 1744

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An Exceptional Antique British Military Pattern 1738 Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol made under contract to the TOWER of LONDON by JORDAN, dated 1744.  12" ..58 cal. steel barrel stamped at the breech with; a 'CROWN' over 'GR' over the 'BROAD ARROW', a 'CROWN' over the 'CROSSED SCEPTERS', a small 'CROWN', the number '78', the letters 'IF' (Joseph Farmer, barrel maker), another 'CROSSED SCEPTER' mark on the top of the barrel tang, and a small 'CROWN' on the very end on the barrel tang. The lock is marked; 'JORDAN', and the date '1744' on the tail of the lock plate; a 'CROWN' over 'GR' (King George II) next to a small 'CROWN' over the 'BROAD ARROW' (Government ownership mark).  The pistol is in original flint configuration.  The stock retains all the original brass regulation furniture.  Stock is solid with scratches and dings from years of service and has never been sanded.  The stock is marked; with a 'STORES KEEPER' stamp just above the rear of the lock plate, an inspector's mark just above the right side of the trigger guard, and several marks in the ram rod channel.  The pistol retains the original brass tipped ram rod.  A fantastic specimen in excellent mechanical working order and would be almost impossible to improve upon...