An Extremely Fine 17th Century MUSEUM QUALITY Etched & Gilded Saxon/Munich Town Guard Breastplate #1533

$ 12,750.00

An extremely fine & rare 17th century MUSEUM QUALITY etched and gilded Saxon/Munich Town Guard Breastplate most likely made by Sadler or Spat, circa. 1620-1650. Showing fine figural etching of scrolls with portraits of nudes surrounded by scrolls and ropes, with gold gilded backgrounds and interesting trees and pyramid at bottom of center with rays projected up-ward from a sun w/eyes at bottom. The breastplate is in fine to excellent condition showing considerable original black enamel paint and 70%-80% toned original gold gilding in the backgrounds, with no polishing and a soft age patina; etching and edges are very crisp and the breastplate is correctly forged no later the 17th. century. Fantastic !

Please Note; The quality and rarity of this breastplate is only found in the best Museum collections and almost never seen on the open market...A beautiful element of Armour that is absolutely of the period...