An Exceptional French Military Model 1822 Percussion Service Pistol, Chatellerault Arsenal, #1998 Firearms

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An Exception French Military Model 1822 Percussion Service Pistol made at the Chatellerault Arsenal, circa. dated "1856". 7 13/16" .69 cal. octagon-to-round iron barrel struck w/multiple Arsenal and inspector's marks, tang engraved; ' Mle 1822 bis ', left side of breech #1486. Lock marked; ' Mre Imp ale de Chatellerault ', and, an inspector's stamp. Regulation brass and iron furniture stamped w/multiple arsenal and inspector's marks. Stock is near perfect, sharp edges, minor spot stains, dings, scratches from years of handling, left side stamped; w/multiple arsenal and inspector's marks, 'ST ETIENNE', #1486, and, 'D'. Original ram rod missing. In good working order.

Note; We have not seen a better example...

Consignment. H. K. 2018., (Fine Collection of French Antique Arms.)