An Exceptional and Very Rare Antique French AN XIII Flintlock Pistol Mre ROYALE DE VERSAILLES

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An exceptional and very rare antique French military pattern AN XIII flintlock pistol of the Napoleonic War period, dated “1814” made under the directorship of Nicolas-Noel BOUTET for the Royal Versailles palace cavalrymen and guard.  This pattern was the primary pistol used by the French cavalry (1805-1815).  7 7/8” .67 caliber smooth-bore barrel marked “Me AN XIII” on the top of breech and inspector marks on the left side of breech.  The lock is marked “Mre ROYALE DE VERSAILLES”.  The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration.  All parts have inspectors marks.  The stock is solid with light scratches and dings from use.  The stock has a the Royal Versailles 1814 date cartouche and inspector mark “J B” on the left side just behind the rear side nail (lock screw).

Note: only 822 of these pistols produced between 1806-1815.  No one knows how many have survived and in what conditions...

Nicolas-Noel BOUTET (1761-1833) was a French gunsmith and Blade-smith who was director of the Versailles state arms factory.  He was born in Paris, the son of the Royal gunsmith Noel Boutet, and became his father’s assistant.
He became “gun maker-in-ordinary” to King Louis XVI of France.
During the revolution he worked for Napoleon as director of the state arms manufactory.