American Revolutionary War British 2nd Model Short Land Brown Bess Flintlock Musket pattern 1769/1777

$ 4,300.00

An Antique Revolutionary War British 2nd Model Short Land Brown Bess Military Flintlock Musket pattern 1769/1777. 41.75",. 80 cal. barrel with remnants of standard PROOFS struck on the top of breech.  Standard pattern brass regulation furniture.  Long Land pattern 1756 lock in good mechanical working order.  Stock is solid with an old repair around the lock and side plate; some chip loses from the upper edges of fore-end; brass nose cap is missing; worn, scratches and dings from years of service.  Visible 'STORES KEEPER' mark on the right side of the comb of stock.  The steel ram rod is most likely an American made hand forged replacement.  Musket comes with the correct bayonet.

Note; this is one of the primary weapons used in the American Revolutionary War.  These muskets are becoming harder and harder to find in any condition !

RESTORATIONS: the lock has been restored and reconverted.  Proper hammer, top jaw, top jaw screw, pan, frizzen, frizzen spring, side plate.  Stock restoration/repair listed above.