American Portraits: John Jay & Oliver Ellsworth

$ 495.00

Ten Historic Portraits with John Jay & Oliver Ellsworth. c. 1783-1900, Lot of 10 Portrait Prints of Famous Americans, Including John Adams, James Madison, Dewitt Clinton, Henry Laurens, Copper Plate, Steel Plate and Mezzotint Printings, Mostly Extremely Fine.. These original prints, mostly from the late 1700s and 1800s, are all uniface printings, ranging in size from 4” x 3.5” to 11” x 8,” and all appear to have been removed from various books or other publications. 1. JOHN JAY, copper plate etching by “B.B.E.” published in 1783 by R. Wilkinson, excellent condition aside from one small hole near the edge of the print. 2. & 3. JOHN ADAMS and JAMES MADISON, 2 unsigned steel engravings, both in choice condition. 4. DEWITT CLINTON, small lithograph signed “E. Michelin,” likely mid-1800s, in excellent condition, though unevenly toned. 5. DEWITT CLINTON, larger steel engraving by John Rogers, with 2 small vignettes of the Erie Canal, excellent condition. 6. & 7. ROBERT FULTON (dated 1861) and OLIVER ELLSWORTH (dated 1863), steel engravings, both from paintings by Chappel, both published by Johnson, Fry & Company of New York, 11” size, both in excellent condition, with the Fulton print having some age spots and a few minor tears in the top and bottom edges. 8. HENRY LAURENS, steel engraving by Phillibrown, after a painting by Chappel, published by Johnson, Fry & Company in 1858, choice condition with some minor age spots in the bottom margin. 9. ROBERT MORRIS, small mezzotint, published by Detroit Publishing Company.10. GEORGE CLINTON, small unsigned engraving of a portrait in the form of a Roman bust. All of these portraits would look splendid framed and displayed. (10 prints).