A Wonderful Low Country's or Dutch Flintlock Service Musket, #1435 Firearms

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A Wonderful Untouched Antique Low Country's or Dutch Military Flintlock Service Musket, circa. 18th century. 40", .70 cal. barrel marked on the top of breech w/unidentified maker's stamp and 'N . 6241'; bayonet lug mounted under the muzzle; secured to the stock with (3) steel barrel bands. Classic round faced banana shaped lock struck with maker's mark (visible in between the frizzen spring leafs). The stock has a stress crack on the left side just in front of the forward side nail (lock screw); is stamped on the left side at the rear side nail area '6241', 'A'; has scratches and dings from years of service. All steel furniture includes a very unusual butt plate with an exceptionally long tang. Steel ram rod. 55.5" overall. Upper sling swivel is missing. A very attractive musket with classic lines in good mechanical working order.



THIS ITEM IS IN EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY AUCTIONS.  This auction closes December 15th, 2018.  LOT #362


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