A Wonderful Italian 3/4 Black Suit of Armour, In The Style of Circa. 1620 #1335

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A wonderful antique Victorian COPY of an Italian 3/4 Black Suit of Armour, in the style of the 17th Century (1620) circa, 19th century. The suit is beautifully made especially the form and fit of the multi-lame tassets that extend to the knee. The suit is of heavy weight hand hammered steel. Two piece skull closed helmet w/repairs. Multi-lame neck guard (Gorget). Both Arms; Paldron, Rerebrace, Elbow Cop, Vambrace, and Gauntlet (Mitten form) are of very good form. The Breast Plate is in very nice condition and of proper form and matches the tassets. There is no back plate. This suit is of very nice quality and fully articulated.

Note; All leather has been replaced which is acceptable.

Ref., See; p. 147, LOT #352 (Similar suit of Armour)., Thomas Del Mar Ltd., In association with Sotheby's., Antique Arms, Armour & Militaria, LONDON., Wednesday 12th December 2007.

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