A Wonderful 18th Century Italian Model 1751 Naval Cutlass Sword

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A Wonderful Antique Italian (Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont) Naval Cutlass Sword Model 1751, circa. Mid 18th century.  Original leather covered grip.  24" X 1.5" wide single-edge curved blade etched within the fuller "VIVE LE ROY DE SARDAIGNE" (French for; LONG LIVE THE KING OF SARDINIA !) on one side and with the coat-of-arms of the ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Sardinia the House of Savoy, the black Eagle with outstretched wings and a large crown above the head and adorned with decorative scroll patterns. The Eagle has a Heraldic escutcheon on the breast depicting the Savoy Cross.  The blade exhibits areas of salt and pepper pitting but the details are sharp.  Brass 'stirrup' hilt with knuckle guard; side bar and back strap; short quillon.  Original leather scabbard with brass drag (some age shrinkage).  A great cutlass seldom encountered especially retaining the original leather scabbard !

These types of short robust swords were perfect for close quarter combat aboard the ships of the day. Many did not survive the harsh salt water environment and as a result, have been lost to time...

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