A Rare (Pair) of Civil War U.S. Military Model 1842 Percussion Pistols with Black Leather Saddle Holsters, #1463 Firearms

$ 8,500.00

A Good and Rare (PAIR) of Civil War Period U.S. Military Model 1842 Percussion Pistols with black leather saddle holsters made by; "H. ASTON". 8.5" .54 cal. round steel barrel marked w/'U.S.', 'J H' (Inspector's mark), and 'P'; '1851' date on the tang. Locks marked; "H. ASTON", "MIDD TN" "CONN." "1851", and "US". Regulation brass furniture marked one pistol w/"W" inspectors marks and the other "M". Stocks have (2) visible inspector's cartouche's on the left side at the rear of the side plate; are solid w/normal light scratches and dings from years of service. Better than average (PAIR) in good working order.

HOLSTERS - 36" overall length. Leather is in good condition w/minor loses/flaking.

Ref. See FLAYDERMANS GUIDE TO ANTIQUE AMERICAN FIREARMS... and their values., by Norm Flayderman, 9th Edition., c. 2007, p.333-334.

According to Flayderman's Guide, 6A-041 Pistols made between 1851-1852 are scarce, only 6000 produced.

Note; Only a few matched (Pairs) with saddle holsters are known to have survived... For an exact pair please see;

Ref. See U.S. Martial Single Shot Pistols., by Daniel D. Hartzler & James B. Whisker., c. 1997., pp. 99-100.