A Rare Early Danish Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol

$ 2,950.00

A Rare Early Pattern 1751 Danish Heavy Dragoon Flintlock Pistol Reign of King Frederick V of Denmark, circa. 1750's.  12.5", .70 cal. steel octagon-to-round barrel with brass blade front sight; stamped on the top flat at breech with King Frederick V arsenal mark; engraved on the left flat at breech with regimental marks 'No. 60 = C'.  Regulation pattern brass furniture includes a trigger guard engraved with regimental marks 'F No. 36', 'J F R'.  The lock is engraved with a 'CROWN' over 'F5' (King Frederick V reigned 1746-1766).  The stock is solid with scratches, dings and heavy wear from years of service.  The pistol is in it's original flintlock configuration and in good mechanical working order.  19.5" overall length.  Seldom encountered for sale...

Note; this pattern is similar to the French Model 1733 Heavy Dragoon as well as the British pattern 1738 Heavy Dragoon.  These large pistols were generally issued in pairs or 'braces' to be carried by officers in saddle holsters.