A Rare British Military/East India Company Brown Bess Officer's Flintlock Fusil by WILSON dated 1779

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A Good and Rare Antique Revolutionary War Period British Military/East India Company Brown Bess Officer's Fusil by WILSON, dated 1779.  42", .80 cal. barrel with (2 sets) of proper TOWER of LONDON Proofs at breech.  Regulation brass furniture.  The lock is in good mechanical working order and engraved with the British East India Company Heart Logo, WILSON (Contractor) and dated 1779.  The stock is solid with some stress cracks through the lock area (period repaired) but secure; small losses around the lower edge of lock mortise and upper edge of the right side of the fore-end; scratches and dings from years of service.  A great musket rarely encountered...

Note; the 'Fusil' is a scaled down lighter version of the standard Brown Bess Infantry Musket and made specifically for Officer's.  Most of these made for the East India Company were also engraved on the barrel with the same markings as on the lock.  It is very possible that the lock is a period replacement to a standard British Military issue Officer's Fusil with a East India Company lock that was on hand.