A Good Early 17th Century European Pappenheimer Rapier

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A Good Antique Early 17th Century European Pappenheimer Rapier.  38" double-edged blade (rust pitted from age and has a dark black patina).  Symmetrical steel hilt formed of flattened and rounded bars, comprising a pair of vertically recurved quillons with fish-tail terminals.  Outer ring-guard.  Lower ring-guard fitted with (2) sprung-in plates pierced with a series of stars, quatrefoils and circles, a pair of arms and knuckle-guard.  Smooth round faceted globular pommel.  The rapier retains the remains of the wood grip and twisted wire wrap (missing pieces).  46" overall.  No scabbard.

NOTE:  There are some period repairs (see photos) to the hilt/guard.  The grip can be restored.  There are (2) wood shims in place at the junction where the blade and guard meet to minimize movement (see photos).


Some History:  Both mounted cavalry and men on foot favored this form of sword during the height of the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48). The large guard fitted with pierced plates protected the user’s hand from heavy cuts and thrusts. The weapon is often termed a Pappenheimer rapier after the German Count Gottfried Heinrich zu Pappenheim, an imperial field marshal during the conflict.