A Good American Civil War Union Wood Frame BOX Back Pack/Knapsack

$ 650.00

A Good Antique American Civil War Union Wood Frame BOX Back Pack/Knapsack, circa. 1860-1864. Ridged-frame knapsack with sides reinforced with wood, and covered with painted canvas.  This example was issued to the 65th Regiment, Company B, man number 12.  The overall condition is good with loses to the leather straps and areas of canvas worn.  These knapsacks are considered rare and have a low survival rate because of the materials used to construct them.  Many were burned during the cold months of the war.

These 'BOX' type knapsacks (Pattern 1853/55) were made of, pasteboard, or leather for structural support and were covered with black painted canvas. These were commonly acquired by new volunteer regiments early in the war.  Experienced soldiers shunned the extra weight and adopted soft knapsacks instead.