A Good Antique Greek/Albanian Silver Stocked Miquelet Flint Pistol

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A Good Antique Ottoman Empire (Greek/Albanian) Silver Stocked "Miquelet" Flint Pistol, circa. 1780- 1800.   This type was used throughout the Mediterranean Sea.  The pistol is all original with no restoration or replacement parts.  13.5", .67 cal. octagon-to-round steel barrel with unknown maker name engraved on the top.  Lock is lightly engraved.  The stock is of high relief repose' thick silver over a wood core and is in good condition with small minor dents. 21.25" overall length.   In good working mechanical order.



Ref. pp. 60-65, 94.  FIREARMS OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD., By, Robert Elgood, c. 1995.