A Fine 17th-18th Century Coin, Spice or Salt Safe/Casket/Strong Box

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A Fine 17th-18th Century Coin, Spice or Salt Safe/Casket/Strong Box.  The box is made of a single hollowed out block of wood that has been made round with a wood top, iron banding straps and a lock with hasp (key missing).  The box has a crack but the integrity is not compromised because of the iron banding.  There are some chips of wood missing from the edge of the underside of the lid and from around the opening of the main body.  The exterior has simple decorative paint.  The box measures 6" high x 6" wide.  A rare example and a survivor where most made of wood have not withstood the ravages of time.  

Note;  It is important to understand the importance of the spice trade in antiquity and why salt and some spices were worth more than gold !  Food was always in high demand and in short supply.  Salt was not only used for taste but for the preservation and extending the longevity of food.  Who knows where this little strong box has been.  Most likely traveled the silk and spice trade routes through The Ottoman Empire, Asia to the Mediterranean, Africa, Europe to the Caribbean and the Americas.