A European (possibly Spanish) Cup Hilt Rapier

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An Antique European (possibly Spanish) Cup Hilt Rapier, circa. early 17th century in relic condition.  36.75" tapering blade of flattened-diamond section, stamped with " ? " within a short fuller on each side.  Steel hilt comprising a deep cup-guard engraved and formed in two halves with intertwined bars, a pair of straight quillons, and knuckle-guard each en suite with the quillons.  Bun-shaped pommel.  Original grip wrapping consisting of twisted steel wire.  43.25" overall length.  No scabbard.

NOTE:  This rapier exhibits evidence of once being next to extreme heat from a fire.  Not hot enough to melt but hot enough to take the temper out of the blade and burn away the wood grip.  A true survivor !!!