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Love For The Union. March 4, 1858, “SPEECH OF HON. JAMES R. DOOLITTLE OF WISCONSIN” For The Admission Of Kansas Into The Union as a State, Very Fine.. 9” x 5.75”, 16 page pamphlet. Age-toned, pages not bound; overall quality of text is very nice for the age. For the debate as to the Lecompton Constitution and if Kansas would be admitted into the Union, Doolittle wanted to preserve the Union, and accept Kansas into the United States. In his speech he stated: “Love for the Union, earnest, intense, undying love for the Union of these States, was instilled into my bosom in my earliest childhood. Next to the God of heaven, I was taught to love, honor, and defend it under all circumstances and against all enemies, from without and from within.” He will do all he can to preserve the Union so many have fought to keep together, and will not allow this new obstacle get in the way. This speech is an amazing example of pure patriotism in the forming of our country. .