1856, Speech Pamphlet: Kansas Contested Election

$ 195.00

Kansas Territory Controversy. 1856, Speech Pamphlet: “Kansas Contested Election” by Hon. I. Washburn Jr., Buell & Blanchard, Printers, Very Fine.. 9” x 5.75”. This 8-page speech was made by Israel Washburn Jr. in the House of Representatives on March 14, 1856. He states: “All memories and hopes, all possessions and rights- the Constitution, the Union, the living Gospel of ‘peace on earth and good will to men,’ are but flax and stubble, when exposed to the consuming flame of this insatiate and inexorable system.” A very strong statement illustrating the unrest over the great Kansas Territory Controversy. The document has a tear moving in from the right edge on all pages and another tear on the right side of page three. A beautiful speech enunciating the true bewilderment overtaking the Congress with their involvement in the Kansas Territory issues..