1856, Speech Pamphlet: Admission of Kansas

$ 295.00

Freedom or Slavery in Kansas. 1856, Speech pamphlet: “Admission of Kansas” by Senator L. F. S. Foster, Printed by Buell & Blanchard, Washington D.C., Very Fine.. A disbound, 16-page, 9” x 5.75” pamphlet of Republican LaFayette Sabine Foster’s speech on the admission of Kansas as a state. Delivered in the Senate on June 25, 1856. He states: “Mr. President, the territory of Kansas still continues painfully to absorb the public attention. It so overshadows all other subjects, foreign and domestic, that it can be said to be the only question before the country.” LaFayette served as a Senator from Connecticut from 1855 to 1867 and was President Pro Tempore of the Senate during the Thirty-ninth Congress. Foster makes a great point by saying, “ I ask which of these two courses, more probably, points to prosperity, happiness, and the perpetuity of our institutions--spreading of Slavery over all our territories? or spreading Freedom over all of them?” A very intelligent, well-thought out speech!.