1761-Dated Colonial America, Manuscript Document

$ 3,495.00

1761 Bond to Pave the Streets of Providence Rhode Island. March 6, 1761-Dated Colonial America, Manuscript Document Signed, “Joseph Bucklin,” of Providence, Rhode Island, being a Bond to Pave the Streets of Providence, Fine.. This original 250 year old Colonial Rhode Island document is a Manuscript Bond, dated March 17, 1761. In this bond Joseph Bucklin of Providence is borrowing a huge amount of money, in the amount of Sixteen Thousand Pounds from the Treasurer of the colony, Thomas Rhichardson. These funds are to be used to pave the streets in the town of Providence at the same time the Lottery Tickets were issued to raise funds to pay for this very purpose.This document measures 8” x 12.5” and is completely hand written in rich brown ink on handmade period laid paper. This Bond is Signed and with the seal of Joseph Bucklin, and also witnessed by George Jackson and John Russell. There are a few small scattered body holes and a tear at the bottom of the page, surrounding the signature. It is otherwise in very good overall condition. A truly unique, extremely historic Providence, Rhode Island Colonial document, which also matches the year of a special Lottery held in Providence, for raising additional fees towards the same purpose of paving the streets. Perhaps this is the actual financial transfer document for those funds to be now spent in its intended purpose..