A Good English JAMES WALKER PATENT Black Powder Storage Magazine

$ 1,250.00


A Good Antique English JAMES WALKER PATENT Black Powder Storage Magazine, circa. early 19th century.  The patent was issued September 7th 1810.  The copper and brass cylindrical black powder magazine retains the outer and inner central lid and all but the center powder container.  The outside exterior front and the top of the lid are stamped "WALKER / PATENTEE".  A few of the small inner containers are missing their screw tops.  The exterior of the powder magazine has scratches and dings from years of handling and exhibits evidence of being polished over the years.  A scarce powder magazine that is getting harder and harder to find in any condition.

NOTE-  I have owned (3) of these over the years and this is the best condition and almost complete example I have had the pleasure of owning.