A Fine Restored Pair of Saddle Bucket Holsters for the Flintlock or Percussion Pistol.

$ 1,450.00

A fine restored Pair of unidentified antique saddle bucket holsters for the flintlock or percussion pistol circa, late 18th - early 19th century.  Brown leather construction with red fabric covered fowl weather covers with black leather trim.  11.5" total pocket depth in each holster with covers.  Leather is supple with some scratches and dings from years of handling but in good condition.

NOTE - It is my opinion that the leather buckets/holsters are much older than the balance of the set.  The visible deterioration of the buckets do not match the wear of the rest.  So, in conclusion, the overall piece has been restored at some point.  This is not an uncommon occurrence.  Nothing was wasted and if things could be repaired and put back out in the field, it was done.

HOW USED - The pistol bucket holsters were draped over the neck of the horse just in front of the saddle and secured into position.

Measures; 34" overall length from end to end laid down flat.