A Good (Restored) English Over & Under Double-Barrel Percussion Pistol by, PULMAN, DORCHESTER

$ 1,850.00


A Good (Restored) English Over & Under Double-Barrel Percussion Pistol by, PULMAN, DORCHESTER, circa. 1840's.  6", .56 caliber smooth-bore barrels with decorative engraving on the top flat near the breech, a small "CROWN" over "GP" (Gun Maker's Proof) on the lower left barrel flat and a small "CROWN" over "V" (Viewed) on the lower right.  Double triggers.  The all iron box-lock frame has very fine quality decorative engraving on both sides and maker signed on the top tang "PULMAN / DORCHESTER" with sliding bar safeties.  All iron parts exhibit areas of light surface rust pitting and have been professionally cleaned bright.  The rounded wood bag-shaped grip-stock has fine micro- checkering with a vacant rectangular wrist escutcheon made of silver.  The iron butt cap has a concealed percussion cap reservoir.  Iron captive swivel ram rod.  A fine example (as restored) in good mechanical working order.

MEASURES - 11.5" overall length.

THE RESTORATION - The pistol has been professionally cleaned overall.  Both of the top sections of the "spur" triggers were broken off.  I encountered a double barrel percussion shot gun that suffered the same fate and a very interesting fix was performed.  The tops of the hammers were flattened, drilled, and taped to received a screw with brass tubing so the original hammers could still be used.  The same fix was performed on this pistol and it works great !  Priced accordingly...