c. 1870, San Francisco Lyric Sheet

$ 195.00

1870 San Francisco Lyric Sheet. c. 1870 Lyric Sheet: “TOMMY, MAKE ROOM FOR YOUR UNCLE,” Published by Bell and Company, San Francisco, CA, Very Fine.. The lyric sheet, 11” x 4.25”, is “Published and sold, wholesale and retail, by BELL & COMPANY, General Publishers of Songs and Ballads, Booksellers, Stationers and Periodical Agents, No. 639 Kearny Street, - San Francisco.” The lyrics, “Written and composed by T.S. Lonsdale”, are printed in black down the center of the page with a decorative border surrounding. The chorus, though only printed once in its entirety, is repeated four times as follows: “Tommy make room for your Uncle,/ There’s a little dear;/ Tommy make room for your Uncle,/ I want him to sit here./ You know Mamma has got a bun,/ And that she’ll give to you;/ So don’t annoy, there’s a good boy,/ Make room for your Uncle, do.” Minor toning; else nice specimen..