c. 1780, Printing Plate by Isaiah Thomas

$ 1,495.00

c. 1780 Original Woodblock Printing Plate Of A Man In The Woods Walking Past Three Vultures In A Tree. c. 1780. Woodblock Printing Plate. Depicting Man Alone in Woods Walking Past Three Vultures in a Tree. Isaiah Thomas. Choice Very Fine.. This original, hand-engraved, 2.5” x 3” wooden printing block, now dark from age and use, appears to have been engraved in the 1700’s based on its style. It is signed with initials which appear to be “I T” for Isaiah Thomas (1749-1831), the prominent New England engraver and printer, who was active from the 1760’s to 1803. The man walking alone in the woods, is holding a walking stick and appears to be frightened of the birds, which may be vultures. If this block is by Isaiah Thomas, it could have been used in any of this magazines, his “New England Almanac” or in the various books and childrens literature he printed. This block is in very nice condition, with several minor hairline scratches and cracks. A wonderful example of 18th century engraving and printing methods..