A Wonderful Small Iron Jewelry, Coin or Bullion Treasure Chest/Casket

$ 4,950.00


A Wonderful Small and Rare Antique Iron Jewelry, Coin or Bullion Treasure Chest/Casket, circa. 16th-17th century.

Measures; 9.5" wide X 4.75" deep X 4.75" high.

Formed in a rectangular box, with carry handles attached to both sides.  The lid is attached with three iron hinges and containing the complex lock mechanism, accessed with a single key, the hole for which was concealed beneath a movable cover.  The interior lock mechanism throws 2 bolts at the turn of the key.  The chest comes with (2) keys.  The steel has areas of de-lamination.  A fantastic specimen in good working order.


NOTE -  This example has been cleaned in the past and exhibits rust pitting and age patina.   

Similar examples are preserved at the Ironwork Gallery of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.