A Good Antique US military model 1817 Flintlock "Common Rifle"

$ 2,250.00

A Good Antique US military model 1817 Flintlock "Common Rifle" dated "1825" on the barrel tang.  36", .54 caliber rifled barrel struck with (2) "US" Proof marks on the upper breech "U.S." and a "P" and the date "1825" on the tang.  The musket is in its original flintlock configuration.  The musket was made and finished brown and all steel furniture have areas of salt & pepper pitting from rust (some areas have deep pitting under a deep brown age patina).  The side plate is engraved "51".  The lock has many inspectors marks on the parts and is maker marked "U.S." over , "H. DERINGER" over "PHILADA".  The stock has an inspectors car-touche just behind the rear side lock screw.  "U.S." stamped on the butt plate.  The steel ram rod is an old replacement and is too short.  The stock is solid with a few long stress cracks very light scratches, dings from service and handling.  A great example in good mechanical working order. 

NOTE; This long gun was purchased missing the lock.  We were fortunate to locate the perfect correct antique replacement that fit perfectly to now have a complete rifle.  The lock exhibits evidence of being cleaned and draw-filed to remove pitting which also removed some of the markings.

Henry DERINGER was awarded a contract by the U.S. Government.  A total of 13,000 were produced.

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