A Fantastic Over & Under Double Barrel Tap-Action Box-Lock Flintlock Pistol

$ 4,950.00

A Fantastic Over & Under Double Barrel Tap-Action Box-Lock Flintlock Pistol, c. 1760-1780.  Most likely French or Dutch.

The pistol has (2) 4 5/8", .50 cal. round steel rifled two-stage "turn-off" barrels.  The barrels unscrew from the frame to be loaded.  The pistol has a single trigger with a sliding trigger guard that seals off the left powder pan when pushed forward which controls the fire to the lower barrel or the pan can be left open so both barrels will fire at the same time.  The box-lock frame has decorative engraving on both sides depicting a banner with surrounding foliage.  The trigger guard bow is engraved with a panoply-of-arms.  The bag shaped wood grip stock has decorative carving including a raised scallop shell around the rear of the barrel tang and is solid with minimal light scratches and dings from years of handling.  The rear of the grip area has very fine decorative silver wire inlay (95% intact).  The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration and in good mechanical working order.  A rare large and impressive over & under double barrel flintlock pistol ! 

Each pistol measure: 12.5" overall length.

NOTE: The pistol frame tang has two cracks that do no seem to effect the pistols functionality.