16th-17th Century European Bronze Cannon

$ 12,500.00

A Very Interesting & Rare 16th-17th Century European Bronze Cannon.  Unfortunately no maker's marks.  The form is know as a 'Howitzer' or 'Bombard'.  6.5" bore at muzzle that tapers to a smaller diameter inner powder chamber (see photos).  The original touch hole was plugged and a another was drilled out just behind the original during the period of use.  Heavy green age patina. 

NOTE; The wood carriage is new and made for display only. 

This form of cannon was used for lobbing solid cannon balls and exploding projectiles over castle or fort walls.  Known for exceptional carnage firing bags of lead and iron grape-shot.

Measures; 34.5" overall length. 

16.5" from Trunnion to Trunnion tip.

9" circumference at outer edges of muzzle.

6.5" bore at muzzle. 

Weight: 300+ pounds.