Early Germanic Silver Mounted Cutlass/Short Saber (CUTTOE)

$ 7,500.00

A very nice and rare example of an early Germanic Silver Mounted Cutlass/Short Saber (CUTTOE) dated '1553', most likely circa. 17th-early 18th century made w/earlier blade dated '1553'. 22.5" curved blade w/even light salt & pepper pitting engraved with the 'Soligen running wolf' flanked by the date '15 53' twice on both sides. Fine Silver Mounted Hilt w/classic early form in the guard w/bulbous quillion ends (which also has a small finial tip popular in the second half of the 17th century). The narrow counterguard and flattened oval pommel are also typical of this period. Stag grip. Scabbard missing... A fantastic example. 28" overall length.