A Rare 17th Century Dutch Broadsword/Hanger of WALLOON Type

$ 2,950.00

A Rare Antique Dutch Broadsword/Hanger of "Walloon" type, circa. 17th century.  32.5" double-edge blade struck with an armorer's mark on each side at the ricasso.  Rounded wide iron pommel.  Original twisted iron wire grip in the form of a twisted spiral.  Robust iron knuckle bow into the large raised edge counter guard with its deep pierced panels (one side smaller); thumb ring; deeply curving quillon.  37.75" overall length.  All metal surfaces have salt and pepper pitting and a dark age patina.  This type of sword was very popular and was used throughout Europe and Colonial America in the 17th century.  A very fine original sword that screams authenticity.

Note; No scabbard.